How to choose the perfect stone for my countertops.

When I first entered the stone industry in the early 1990's, the choices individuals had for kitchen countertops was very limited. In fact, I would bet that 90% of the countertops I fabricated were made from the same 10 standard granite colors that were available at that time.

Well, those days are over !!!

With the popularity of stone countertops and the introduction of resin to the industry, consumers are overwhelmed with what is now hundreds upon hundreds of options for their countertop needs.

The upside to this new trend is the beautiful and unique stones at a consumer's disposal. Countertops these days are literally transformed into "works of art" with the presence of new granites, quartzites, calcites, engineered stones, semi-precious stones, etc.

With every upside though, there is a downside. If a potential customer is not properly educated on the various stones or does not ask all the right questions, they can be left with beautiful countertops, but dissatisfied with some of the natural characteristics that come hand in hand with these products.

A common complaint for example, is surface fissures that are perfectly normal in the formation of some stones, but thought to be cracks by the uneducated consumer. Another is small pitting throughout slabs which again can be normal, but deemed unacceptable by the new owner due to the lack of knowledge of the products they chose. Inconsistency in the polish is another common complaint when the fact is that some slabs have multiple stones in them that will all reflect light differently.

What people who want stone in their home have to remember is that all of these products are "natural", made from mother nature and meant to be accepted for what they are. In a perfect world, all of our countertops would be consistent in color and polish, would have no surface flaws or pits, no fissures mistaken for cracks, and just do their job of looking pretty.

The good news is that if you are looking for countertops with those attributes, you do have an option.  It is called Corian.....YUCK !!! 

What our customers are saying: “Pedro’s precision and care in doing the tile backsplash was really impressive. He was incredibly careful, and left our home clean and intact after all of the demo process. We've never had anyone leave our house so clean after each day's work, and the end results were beautiful.”
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