Top Zero Sinks...The New Normal

If there is one "must" when purchasing new natural stone countertops for any wet area in your home, it is to incorporate an undermount sink in the project. Whether it is your kitchen, vanity top, wet bar or outdoor kitchen, nothing is nicer than seeing a sink mounted from below with a beautiful polished edge of stone around the cutout.....Until now !!!

A new innovation in undermount sinks has come to market called the "Top Zero Sink". It is an undermount sink with a twist.  The Top Zero sink gives you  the look of an undermount sink, but has an added value in solving the maintenance issues that are associated with traditional undermount sinks.

The unique design of the Top Zero is what makes it so different.  Instead of the stainless steel butting the stone from underneath, the Top Zero sink continues the stainless steel up through the cutout to meet flush with the natural stone countertop surface. This not only gives us a very sleek look, but it also eliminated the maintenance issues with traditional undermount cutouts where the caulk joint is.  This joint is typically exposed to water, food and/or drink on regular basis thus creating a place for germs or mildew to gather and constantly have to be cleaned.  The Top Zero design eliminates the caulk joint making it a more customer friendly sink.

If you are interested in learning more about the Top Zero Sink, contact your local stone fabricator.  However, make sure that the fabricator you choose is experienced in cutting the Top Zero Sinks as they require a skilled craftsman to do it correctly so you can reap its benefits.




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