Secret to success.

I may be the owner of a stone fabrication company, but I am also a consumer of products just like everyone else.  If there is one thing I know about the business of selling natural stone countertops, it's that an unhappy customer can be the result of not enough information.  When buying any product on the market, nobody likes surprises. In most cases, if we know exactly what we are getting and that is what we receive, the sale is usually a success.

A common problem that occurs with natural stone is that salespeople are not qualifying the customer.  They are not investing enough time into educating the customer as to what they are buying.  Natural stone is not man-made.  It is a natural product that comes from the earth and with that comes a lot of variables and risks.  There may be discolorations, inconsistencies, veins, pits, fissures, etc.  These are not imperfections or faulty material, but simply characteristics of the stone that are normal.  However, if a customer is not educated about the presence of such things ahead of time, they are not going to be pleased.  

If there is one thing I learned about selling natural stone over the years it is that you have to take your time.  You must explain the customer what they are buying and educate, educate and then educate some more.  Most people can grasp the concept of natural stone and what comes with it when putting it in their home, but if nothing is every mentioned, a lot of time it can lead to an unsatisfied customer.

If you are on the selling side of natural stone, make sure you take the time to be thorough with the consumer so there are no surprises.  On the other hand, if you are the purchaser, demand that you are educated on what you are buying.  Ask a lot of questions about what you selected and know what to expect before pulling the trigger on the purchase.  

What our customers are saying: “You made us feel very comfortable even from that first phone call, and you have gone out of your way to be flexible and patient with our somewhat crazy timetable.”
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