With the ever growing popularity of Engineered Quartz, customers are constantly asking what are the pros and cons associated with the product.

It seems that almost half of the current countertop contracts we do involve some type of engineered quartz.  

The pros:

* Non-Porous: An engineered quartz countertop is not only impervious to bacteria and germs, but is also very unlikely to be stained in most normal applications.

* Maintenance Friendly: An engineered quartz countertop is a very durable, non-porous surface that is both scratch and abrasion resistant which allows it to maintain its luster.  Clean up is very easy and the product does not require sealing.

* Uniformity: Engineered quartz has a lot of uniformity in its composition. Where natural stone can vary from one end of the slab to the other, engineered quartz has the consistency that will not fluctuate.

* Variety of Color: The colors available in quartz are endless.  There are bright, vibrant colors available to the customer, but they also have hit the mark on making certain selections look like real marble. There are also many looks ranging from solid, ones with movement or with various patterns and textures.

* Seams:  Due to the hardness and consistency of this product, the seams tend to be much less visible than ones done with natural stone.

The cons:

* Heat and Impact Resistance: Engineered Stone is not as heat resistant as granite.  It is also is prone to chip or crack if it encounters heaving impact near an edge.

* Chemical Sensitivity: Acids or Alkaline-based chemicals can cause damage to engineered quartz.

* Use Limitations:  It is not recommended to use engineered quartz in direct sunlight as the resins can be harmed by the UV light.  Fireplaces are also an area where they do not recommend using quartz due to the heat factor which can do damage.

Like any product, there is bound to be pros and cons.  Make sure you do the proper research and homework when considering quartz to make sure it is the best product for your needs.


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