Piecework vs. Quality

A new trend in the stone fabrication world is the paying of fabricators by the method of "piecework".  What this means is that instead of a company paying their fabrication employees with an hourly wage which has been typical, they are instead paying them by how much work they complete at any given time.  

It appears to make a lot of sense from the owner's perspective because they are only paying for work being done.  Whereas by the hour, a employee could be working at slower pace that is not as productive and it ultimately costs more for the same work to be done. This method also is embraced by the fabricator because it gives them an incentive to work harder and faster.  The more work they complete, the more money they make.

On paper, this seems like a no brainer. The owner is pleased with the increased production in the shop and is only paying for work completed, while the fabricator who has a good work ethic reaps the benefits of more money for less time. 

If you are wondering if I do it at my shop or ever have ?  Hell No !  I am sure that this works for some companies and can be beneficial, but for me it breeds quality issues.  In just about any situation in life, when you do things too quickly, you usually don't do them as well.  I come from the old school mentality that in our business, proper time is needed for work to be done correctly.  If the only thing on my fabricator's mind is to work faster so I can put more money in my pocket, then corners are being cut and quality is suffering.

If you are contracting a fabricator to do the countertops in your home, you might want to consider asking them if they pay their workers by hour or by the piece.  If it is the latter, you might want to make sure that the quality is there in the end.

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