How long does it take to get my Countertops?

As a fabricator, the most widely asked question by a customer always seems to be "How long does it take to get my countertops?"  I wish it was as simple as making a sandwich, but unfortunately it is not.  If there is one thing that I have learned from over 25 years in construction is that you don't want to rush anything.  When vendors are pushed to get something quicker, the quality is usually the first thing to suffer.

Our typical lead time to turn countertops is two to three weeks.  Obviously that can be effected by the amount of workload in the shop at any given time, but for the most part, it will take that amount of time from when we template until the countertops are installed.

I know this may seem like a long time for just a few pieces of stone, but you must understand that there is a lot involved in the process.  In most cases, the delays in countertop production have more to do with lack of information from the customer than anything else.  In order for anything to even start, the cabinets must be set, the material must be selected, the edge profile decided on, the sink, cooktop and/or faucet must be here, etc.

Once templated, a work order has to be created, the job has to be programmed, the job has to be cut, the jobs has to be fabricated, cutouts must be made, quality control done, cleaning, sealing and finally, installation.

When you look at all the steps involved from start to finish in countertop production and allow time in between each and every step, it doesn't take long to kill two or three weeks.  When shopping for countertops, expect it to take that amount of time.  If anyone is doing it quicker, it could mean they are rushing or cutting corners. The other reason might be that they are just not busy, and maybe that is another reason to be concerned.

What our customers are saying: “Leo did a great job overseeing the process, and was reachable and accommodating if we had to change schedules. He and Pedro always arrived exactly when they said they would, and we were very pleased with his oversight and attention to detail.”
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