Custom Stone Sinks

When doing new countertops in your home, many times it requires the purchase of a new sink as well.  Many customers struggle with what type of sink will go best with the stone they chose. Well, what better match is there then to actually make the sink out of the same stone as the countertop ?

Yes. If you have a skilled fabricator, it is possible to make a custom sink from the same stone that you are using on the countertop itself.  Whether you are doing a new kitchen, wet bar or vanity, this is something that you might consider. The sink can be fabricated using slab and made to any desired size.  The sink will be adhered together with special adhesives and waterproofed properly.

The end result is an incredible look with both countertop and sink matching perfectly.  I personally have a custom farmhouse kitchen sink in my home that matches my countertops and it is a conversation piece when anyone comes over for the first time. 

If you are considering having your fabricator make a custom sink for you, just make sure they have experience in doing so. 

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