Current Countertop Trends

There have been a lot of trends when it comes to countertops over the last 50 years in the United States.  I can remember as a child that laminate countertops seemed to be everywhere growing up.  As I got older, you started to see the wave of synthetic countertops like corion, etc.  However, about 25 years ago is when natural stone countertops started to gain in popularity and they have never looked back.

When natural stone countertops like marble and granite entered the scene, it was looked at more as a surface for the wealthy. It was very pricey compared to other alternative surfaces.  With each passing year though, more and more countries started entering the market and quarrying stone, making the products much more competitive and more affordable to the masses.  Today, natural stone countertops have all but become the norm. You will find them in track homes, selling at the local home depot and even in college dorms or rental apartments.

Although natural stone continues to be the trend when choosing countertop surfaces for a home, a lot of different stones are gaining in popularity at the moment.  There seems to be a decline in granite and an increase in natural quartzites.  Another countertop surface that is slowly becoming the king is engineered quartz.  This is not all natural, but the majority is made up of natural quartz which makes it fall into the natural stone category.  The up and coming countertop is porcelain, although there are some concerns when it comes to chipping, cracking and ability to repair these issues.

In summary, when it comes to current trends for countertop surfaces, natural stone still continues to be the leader in the industry with no signs of slowing.

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