Combining Natural Stone with Engineered Stone

A decision that has been difficult for homeowners to make is whether to use natural stone on their kitchen countertops or engineered stone (quartz).  The simple solution is to use both.  If the design of your kitchen incorporates an island top as well as perimeter tops, it is very easy to combine both surfaces in that space.  The key to making this work is to not have the two products compete with each other.  In most cases, natural stone is used on the island top as a focal point. This piece will have natural characteristics containing  movement with veining or swirling created by mother nature. The perimeter of the room is then done in a monochromatic color of engineered quartz so that it is not too "busy" and does not compete with the island choice.  If you take the time to properly choose your stone and quartz, there is absolutely no reason why you can't get the best of both worlds in making your kitchen a dream come true.


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