Custom Stone Sinks

When doing new countertops in your home, many times it requires the purchase of a new sink as well. Many customers struggle with what type of sink will go best with the stone they chose. Well, wh .. Read More

Cracks vs. Fissures

As a fabricator we are responsible for the templating, cutting, fabrication and installation of countertops, but we have nothing to do with the stone that was selected and we certainly canno .. Read More

Slab Selection - Time Worth Spending

If there is one piece of advice worth taking if you are in the market for new stone countertops, it is to invest the time in selecting your slab. I know life is hectic and dragging yourself to a  .. Read More

Current Countertop Trends

There have been a lot of trends when it comes to countertops over the last 50 years in the United States. I can remember as a child that laminate countertops seemed to be everywhere growing up.  .. Read More

Tariffs affect on stone industry

The trade wars going on with the United States and other countries may soon be affecting the stone industry. The recent Tariffs placed on China for over 6,000 products categories include natural  .. Read More

How long does it take to get my Countertops?

As a fabricator, the most widely asked question by a customer always seems to be "How long does it take to get my countertops?" I wish it was as simple as making a sandwich, but unfortunately it  .. Read More

Piecework vs. Quality

A new trend in the stone fabrication world is the paying of fabricators by the method of "piecework". What this means is that instead of a company paying their fabrication employees with an hourl .. Read More

Engineered Quartz - Is It For Me ?

Engineered Quartz is quickly becoming the countertop of choice in the industry. As a fabricator, it would be safe to say that for every 10 jobs that we fabricate these days, 40% - 50%  .. Read More

How do I choose the right fabricator ?

Unfortunately today there are so many scams and gimmicks that you are never 100% confident that you are choosing the right company for your needs. In some cases you trust your gut, but what if .. Read More
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