Countertop Turn Times

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is “How fast can I get my countertops” ? Although everyone would love to get things turned around quickly, it doesn’t do anyone any good .. Read More

Top 10 Myths About Granite Countertops

I am no David Letterman, but I have listed the Top 10 Myths About Granite Countertops that I have heard over the years. 1. Granite Will Stain: 2. Granite Must Be Resealed Regularly:  .. Read More

Etching and Staining

The two most common fears for people considering natural stone in their home is Etching and Staining. The good news is that with all the advances made with natural stone in recent years, these are .. Read More

Secret to success.

I may be the owner of a stone fabrication company, but I am also a consumer of products just like everyone else. If there is one thing I know about the business of selling natural stone counterto .. Read More

Stone Enhancement

There are many products available to us as fabricators in the stone industry, but one of the more valuable products in my opinion is the presence of stone enhancers. A stone enhancer is nothing mo .. Read More

Top Zero Sinks...The New Normal

If there is one "must" when purchasing new natural stone countertops for any wet area in your home, it is to incorporate an undermount sink in the project. Whether it is your kitchen, vanity top,  .. Read More

Don't Mess With Mother Nature !

When a consumer decides to use Natural Stone in their home, the thing they have to understand the most is that IT IS NATURAL !!!! When you use any man-made surface in your home, you certainly  .. Read More

Porcelain.....Not just for toilets anymore !

When individuals imagine the various applications for porcelain products, the first thing that comes to mind might be toilets, sinks, tile flooring or dinnerware. In the countertop industry, a .. Read More
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